Three Ways to Quickly Gain United Miles

Airline travel has been trending upwards over the past few years which means more lines at the TSA check, woo!! According to a study, global air traffic grew 6.5 percent in 2018 according to Business Travel News. With more travelers ditching the land and heading to the air, airline travel can be a hefty knock

Travel with

If you are like Kayla and myself, traveling is like an addiction, a good one unless you are a bank account. Travel junkies are always looking for a quick and easy way to book their next adventure. If you are like me, I like booking packages and obviously saving money while doing so. Sites like

How to occupy yourself on a commute

Commuting, every single one of us has to do it at some point in our lives. Whether that be commuting to work or commuting to the beach, it applies to everyone that leaves the house. Commuting can be dreadful and unpleasant for most when it comes to long drives, delays, and or traffic. My commute

My Top 3 Future Travel Destinations

Traveling has been a big passion of mine for over a year now and that addiction will not stop anytime soon. With how obsessed on earning miles on my United Explorer card, who knows if that addiction will ever go away. I have so many top travel destinations around the world that I really want

Having an airline credit card

Within the United States, there are so many different methods of traveling throughout the country. When it comes to long distance traveling, it might be time to start considering to fly to your destination. Of course, if you are someone who enjoys a long drive, go right ahead and take a road trip. The topic