Top three ways to build your career in college

It is crazy that it has been over a year now since I graduated college and entered the “real world”. From low responsibilities to working all day, there definitely is a difference between the two lifestyles. Although life could be looser in college even though there are exams to study for, there are other elements

Three Ways to Quickly Gain United Miles

Airline travel has been trending upwards over the past few years which means more lines at the TSA check, woo!! According to a study, global air traffic grew 6.5 percent in 2018 according to Business Travel News. With more travelers ditching the land and heading to the air, airline travel can be a hefty knock

How to occupy yourself on a commute

Commuting, every single one of us has to do it at some point in our lives. Whether that be commuting to work or commuting to the beach, it applies to everyone that leaves the house. Commuting can be dreadful and unpleasant for most when it comes to long drives, delays, and or traffic. My commute

Spironolactone and PCOS

Hello everyone!! Today I’m back with my experience with taking Spironolactone and having PCOS. PCOS is a condition called poly cystic ovarian syndrome. This causes many things such as irregular periods, painful ovarian cysts, difficultly losing or maintaining your weight, oily skin/acne, and male pattern hair growth/loss. Needless to say, PCOS extremely complicated and hard

Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last

The importance of living your life to the fullest “Live every day like it’s your last”; Yes that is the typical phrase that everyone throws around to serve as motivation. This important phrase can be used in so many different ways such as play every game like it’s your last in sports. I’m here to

My thoughts on blogging after 24 days

Wow. 24 days since starting our site on WordPress and I can’t believe it has went so quick. For a kid who has always disliked writing in school, blogging has been a whole different experience. If I hated writing and producing posts for you, I definitely wouldn’t be writing this today. Kayla and I have

Top 3 Factors To Look For In A Relationship

Relationship and dating advice has seen like a hot topic searched for on our blog as of recent. As there really hasn’t been any posts about this (we will have more!), here is the first dating advice post on the site. Ground breaking!! When looking for a significant other, there can be many factors that