The perfect gift for the holidays

CanvasPeople: A Review We are already 11 days into December which means it is time to start buying those last second gifts for your loved ones. Clothes and jewelry can be the real show stopper on Christmas, but how about something that the recipient of the gift can keep for a lifetime? That’s right, smack

A “Cheat Code” For Students

EssayEdge No matter what level of school that you, your friend or your kid may be in, there are always going to be those exhausting assignments that are given in each class. From Elementary school to a graduate level degree, I have experienced it all… unfortunately. Today, I am here to share a new student

Check out CafePress

Hello readers! I wanted to take this opportunity in this post to dedicate it to an amazing platform that I have just learned about. If you have never heard about this amazing shopping marketplace, you can check them out here. We have partnered up with the team over at CafePress and throughout this post, you