Planet Fitness…. Worth it or forget it?

Hey everyone! It’s Kayla! I hope you all are having an amazing day so far:) So as you all probably know, I am really into fitness. I have been going to Planet Fitness for quite some time now and I think it is only right to share my opinion about it!  I will start with

Nantucket, Massachusetts

We are back with yet another location review. Today, this one holds a special place in my heart and a frequent vacation spot. Yes, we are talking about Nantucket today ladies and gentleman. After heading out to Nantucket for all of these years, it seems like there is a split on people who know what

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High Denver, Colorado is next up on our reviews section as this place definitely was an interesting experience to witness. Kayla has never been out to Denver yet other than landing there for a connecting flight, so I will be writing this one solo. I ended up heading out to Denver back in