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If you are like Kayla and myself, traveling is like an addiction, a good one unless you are a bank account. Travel junkies are always looking for a quick and easy way to book their next adventure. If you are like me, I like booking packages and obviously saving money while doing so. Sites like

Saturday’s Hike: Stairway to Heaven Trail

Another weekend coming to an end and another day spent enjoying the fall weather outside. A new trailhead to my resume as I headed up to Kayla’s neck of the woods to the Stairway to Heaven Trail in Vernon, New Jersey. This hike was definitely by far the most challenging one that I have been

Planned Snowboard Gear for Winter 2019/2020

Winter is rapidly approaching as the temperatures have been dropping dramatically over the past few months here in New Jersey. With the temperatures dropping, that only means one thing for me… snowboard season. Ah, yes. Although the cold can sucks, the fact that I can strap on the snowboard and cruise down a nice smooth

How to occupy yourself on a commute

Commuting, every single one of us has to do it at some point in our lives. Whether that be commuting to work or commuting to the beach, it applies to everyone that leaves the house. Commuting can be dreadful and unpleasant for most when it comes to long drives, delays, and or traffic. My commute