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Hello! Welcome to our blog. Our names are Michael and Kayla. We decided to start this blog to share our experiences through our amazing relationship. We look forward to having you read our posts whether it be about traveling, daily life, tips, and more! Our blog will consist of posts written from the both of us and posts on our specific tabs with different amounts of topics to discuss! Feel free to be apart of our conversation as we want our readers to feel connected with us and our adventures:

As you can probably see already, our site will consist of a main blog page where Kayla and I will collaborate to bring a good read to you. Along with that, you will be able to get different perspectives in my world (Mike’s Corner) and Kayla’s world (Kayla’s Corner) as there can be more relatable topics of discussion within those. Finally, we have two more sections where you can view pictures and videos of experiences we have both been through in this journey. To top that off, we will be reviewing hotels, restaurants, traveling and more!

We hope you enjoy every single post on this site as our main goal is to bring a smile to your face or an answer to your question. Feel free to comment and suggest ideas to us as we will have sections on our blogs solely for that as we want you all to join in!

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