One Dine: Restaurant Review

One World Trade Center – New York, NY

Good Morning and Merry Christmas to all of our readers that are tuning into this post on Christmas Day! Today, I wanted to share a gift of a review of a restaurant that has been one of my favorites. This unique spot sits at 1,368 feet in the air and it isn’t located on a mountain. Known as One Dine, this beautiful spot is located on the observation deck of the One World Trade Center which is the tallest building in America. Talk about a meal in the sky, right?

One Dine’s steal of the show is of course having long distance views overlooking the biggest city in the world, New York City. When you are eating a salad or a nice steak dinner, you can take a break while staring off to what seems forever across the entire city that never sleeps. Not only is the restaurant located next to the observatory attraction, it is also considered what I call a fancy restaurant.

When I call a restaurant “fancy”, that is just my language in which I am saying that it is an expensive meal when visiting. Before you even think about eating the food, you have to pay the $32 for a ticket to get up to the observatory attraction. Many times when I was dying to eat there, it was essentially $32 to ride an elevator as I just wanted to go eat and not go through the attraction. If you plan on visiting One Dine, make sure the wallet isn’t empty as it may be at the end of the trip. Before eating expenses, the observatory fee has to be taken in consideration.

Although it could be an expensive night at the restaurant, the food is worth it in my opinion. As a burger lover, their $26 burger is the steal of the show. Yes, I said a $26 burger. Although the burger is very overpriced, it is one of the best burgers I have ever had which is saying something.

The extensive menu consists of sections like appetizers, local favorites, salads, and main dishes. Other favorites of mine was the calamari, free range chicken, and a side of pomme frites. Excluding the burger in that selection, this could easily be a really good meal for whoever is dining at this restaurant. Yes, the menu is very pricey, but it is all worth it in the end as you will be getting some high quality dishes.

Overall, One Dine is a stellar place to head to for a nice date night or a celebration with family. If you aren’t an average joe like me, than this could be more of an occasional restaurant.

In reality, you are paying to eat at a view that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. It is worth it in my opinion and will always be at the top of my list in favorites in terms of restaurants. Get ready to brag to your friends about your fancy dinner or face your fears of heights if you decide to dine at the One Dine Restaurant at the top of One World Trade Center!

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