First snowboard trip of the year!

Whiteface Mountain, New York – December 21st, 2019

Hello readers! This past weekend was one to remember as on Saturday, I made my first snowboarding trip of the season. The destination mountain for the first shred session was Whiteface Mountain located in upstate New York near Lake Placid. Whiteface has been a favorite mountain on the east coast for the past few years mainly because it hoists the highest ski chairlift on the east coast. Although the chairlift wasn’t open during this trip which was a bummer, it was still a successful mini trip.

From north jersey where I live, Whiteface is about a four and a half hour drive “door to door”. To be honest, it isn’t the worst drive in the world, but 3 other friends tagged along on the trip making this ride a tough one for sure. Being squished in a car for 4 hours is not a favorite of mine. Anyways, we stayed in an interesting chalet style airbnb for the night in basically the middle of no where. Although it was in a weird area, it was about a 10 minute drive from the resort which is the closest I have ever been to a resort for a ski trip.

Anyways, the actual snowboarding that was done wasn’t too shabby. Whiteface ended up having around 25 trails open on the Saturday and the crowds weren’t as bad as expected around Christmas time. The only reasonable lift to take was the gondola to the top of little whiteface and we did ski on a lot of repeated trails. As the day progressed, the trails did become much icier as snow was being pushed around by crowds across the mountain. If you haven’t went skiing/snowboarding on the east coast, avoid it as ice is awful to ski over.

Here are a few photos that I took from the mountain:

Regardless of the ice, it was definitely a good day to get back into the swing of things. Along with that, it was time for me to try out my new Burton Step On bindings. They were actually everything that I expected out of them. In the beginning though, it was a bit tricky trying to step into place as I was standing, but over time, it got easier. The Step On bindings were easy, stable, and provided a smooth ride every time. For someone who hates strapping up and holding back your fellow riders, these will come in handy.

To wrap everything up, this weekend was a fun one along with a success as I write this with my sore legs. For whatever reason, I do enjoy being sore the next day if it is a day of doing nothing :).

Next stop, Telluride Colorado!

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