Thank you, Eli Manning

As a life long New York Giants fan, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to Eli Manning. Living on this earth for 23 years so far and Eli has been apart of my favorite team for 16 of them is just special. Although most of my younger years have been forgotten when watching football, growing up with a future hall of famer as my favorite team’s quarterback was special.

Yes, I said that he will be in the hall of fame when the time comes.

Eli Manning’s career peaked during my middle school and early high school years when his two super bowls also came. The peak of Eli’s career happening during those years were so important for my development as a Giants fan and the passionate fan that I am today.

The 2008 miracle against the undefeated Patriots team was one of the best individual game performances I have seen by a player that I root for. I remember the middle school kid in myself wearing a different Giants jersey to school every day leading up to that Super Bowl victory. The butterflies when Eli escaped what seemed to be a doomed play and lobbed it up to David Tyree gave me hope for the Giants.

Following that incredible performance, 4 years later, Eli did it again. Taking down the unstoppable dynasty of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in 2012 was the icing on top for a hall of fame career.

Of course, there were many exciting moments that Eli has brought to the Giants franchise outside of the two super bowl victories. One of my favorites was my first football game ever in 2005 vs the Broncos when Eli led them to a 4th quarter comeback. All I remember from that game was my dad wanting to leave as the game seemed out of reach, but I never gave up.

Although the past few years have been forgettable, Eli will forever be my favorite quarterback ever. I am going to miss the rare plays that you make. I will miss the “Eli face” that everyone screenshots every week when a play goes wrong. It will suck not seeing Eli in a Giants uniform next year, but it was his time to hang them up… at least for the Giants.

Thank you, Eli

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