Colorado Trip Itinerary

Hello Couple’s Checklist readers! Hope December has been off to a hot start so far for all of you as the new year is almost here. If you have been following along on the Our Collection tab of our blog, you know that the Colorado trip is coming up very soon! The main part of the trip will be spent in the beautiful town of Telluride. As this trip was booked months ago and to see it coming so fast, Kayla and I are very excited to head out there.

Since we haven’t posted on the Our Collection section as of recent, it is time to share the “itinerary” or activities that Kayla and I will be partaking in on this amazing trip. I will not throw the dates in here just in case there is any stalkers (I doubt it), but we are going in early January. With that being said, please do follow us on Instagram in order to watch us live on this journey throughout the days.

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Please find our planned activities/itinerary for the Colorado 2020 trip below:

  • Land at Denver International Airport
  • Stop at Del Taco before journeying out into the great mountains of Colorado
  • On the first day, we will be driving four hours to Gunnison Colorado to stay in a hotel for the night. We decided to do this as Telluride is a 6 hour drive from Denver and this cuts the trip in half.
  • Wake up the next day in Gunnison and possibly visit the Black Canyon of Gunnison
  • Head out to Telluride which is about 2 hours from Gunnison
  • Before checking into Airbnb, Mike will be renting us snowmobiles to dash through the mountains on.
  • After the fun morning and afternoon activities, check into our Airbnb for the next 3 days
  • While staying in Telluride, Mike will be snowboarding for one day on the slopes as Telluride Ski Resort has always been a bucket list item for him
  • On the other days with no snowboarding, we plan on exploring the area, getting accustomed to the town of Telluride, relaxing, and most importantly, having fun!
  • After wrapping up our time in Telluride, we will head back to Denver in which we will be staying the night in order to be close to the airport.

There you have it readers! The activities that will be done are still up in the air for Telluride, but this town seems to have enough for us to do to have an enjoyable trip.

If you have ever been to Telluride, please leave some comments below or even send us pictures at

  • Mike and Kayla

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