DJI Mavic Mini – First Impressions

Hello readers! It has been an exciting week for myself as most of my Black Friday purchases have been coming in which means a lot of new items to use and wear! For today’s post, I would like to quickly talk about my first drone purchase ever, the DJI Mavic Mini. As I have been trying to up my creative game as of late, buying a $400 drone was a bit of a gamble considering I have never flown one before.

Before I jump into my actual experience, I tried to launch it in my house as a test and let’s say it just went straight into a wall. No more drones in the house. So far, I have flown it around my house and just recently took it to a reservoir to hope to get some shots with the sun rising.

With my two real time experiences of flying this device, all I can say is wow. Typically, higher end drones cost over $1,000 dollars, but DJI really killed it with a lower priced version for amateurs like me. The drone itself is super lightweight and can easily fit into my pocket. In front of the drone is a camera on a three way gimbal which makes all shots look incredibly smooth. I don’t have a video to show for it, but no matter the direction the drone was heading, the camera stayed still and in the appropriate direction.

Being that the drone is very small considered to most drones, it gives you it the advantage of fitting into tighter spaces when flying. The only thing I worry about with this smaller drone is wind speed being a factor and it seems that it could easily break after a hard fall. The Mavic Mini is definitely a drone to take good care of and be smart with when flying.

Although the drone’s performance has been phenomenal, my favorite part is that your controller must be used with your smart phone in order to fly. This allows you to see a clear image on the phone when flying and it also makes the controller easy to pack away.

Enough with the review though, but I did take some pictures from my flight around a reservoir in New Jersey. Enjoy the photos and I highly recommend buying this drone if you are just starting out.

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