My Holiday Weekend Shopping Results

Hello Couple’s Checklist readers! Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving along with some safe and smart holiday shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the main focus of mine this year as that is when I get all of my holiday shopping done. Black Friday lived up to its hype as the mall was just insanely packed while the Best Buy line took about an hour just to get Kayla a new TV.

Although these two days are the most notorious for sales, the sales seem to just run for the entire weekend now, so let’s just call it a “holiday weekend” in its entirety. I was a bit stunned at myself as I didn’t really walk away with much items on Black Friday as I was expecting. The main focus was to buy a lot of new dress clothes and that plan didn’t work out too well.

For this post, I will be sharing some exciting new purchases that were made during the holiday weekend and will try to include the discount on each item for as far as I can remember. To keep in mind, these were gifts for myself and I will not be including the Christmas gifts for others. There were too many of those to focus on here.

Black Friday

As mentioned above, Black Friday was just an overall crazy day at Garden State Plaza. This shopping trip only lasted a few hours as I was sweating like crazy and also in pain for being on my feet for so long. The main focus on the Black Friday in store shopping was to get some new clothes. Although there weren’t a lot of clothes purchased, I did get some key clothing that was well needed.

These pajama pants have actually been on my list for a few weeks now as I first discovered them at the Eddie Bauer store before the holiday shopping. To be quite honest, I was in desperate need for new pajama pants and the design sold me here. Not only was the design nice looking, but they are so comfortable and warm. These pajama pants were about 50% off which is obviously a STEAL. You can purchase them directly here.

Next up, I had to take a stop at one of my favorite brands when it comes to dressing up. Although their products are a bit expensive, it was a necessity to take a stop here. The brand, UNTUCKit is exactly what the name states. The shirts are made so you don’t have to tuck them in like most button down shirts required. Heaven for me if you ask. To go along with the shirt, I snagged some Chino pants to try out their pants line. They took 25% off of the total order!

I have never shopped at Lacoste before, but I was definitely in the market for some new kicks for work. After searching through the Lacoste store, these sneakers immediately caught my eye here. To make it even better, they were regular $95 and the discount was 45% off if you would like to do the math. Another absolute STEAL and I am one happy camper. You can find the link to these shoes here.

Cyber Monday

DJI Mavic Mini – Amazon

A bit of a different showing here as I realized we can directly link this product through Amazon for you to buy if you are interested. Yes, the DJI Mavic Mini. This drone actually first came to my interest while we were shopping in Best Buy on Black Friday. I wasn’t able to come to acceptance to buy this and needed the weekend to purchase. No discount on this product, but I am excited to receive it! The drone will be used for film making and photography, so stay tuned!

There you have it. A fun and successful holiday weekend shopping. With Christmas presents coming in as well, there will be a lot of new items stashed away into my room which I guess I won’t complain about.

Let me know if you found any stellar discounts this past weekend!

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