Miller’s Ale House

Paramus, New Jersey

Time to cook up a review on one of my favorite restaurants in all of Northern New Jersey. Miller’s Ale House which can be seen as a “sports bar” is a restaurant that has been spreading across the country. They currently have 88 locations across 13 states and seemingly growing some more. Best known for their traditional bar food and abundance of televisions, Miller’s has been a go to spot for me for a few years now.

Whether you are hanging out with some buddies or going with the family, Miller’s Ale House is suitable for most occasions. The mix of great food at a reasonable price and positive environment makes this place a gold mine. There is a good mix of booths, tables with chairs, a big bar, and a lot of high top seating arrangements which gives this place a good variety.

My favorite part (as a sports fan) is the crazy amount of televisions that the restaurant has located around the dining and bar area. As a sports fan, this makes watching any game that is on fairly easy. Depending on where you sit, Miller’s could be a bit noisy, but that should be expected at a sports bar type restaurant like this one.

The menu has a wide variety of different food options that fit most areas of food that you may be looking for. The appetizer section is one of my personal favorites if you are looking for a good start to a tasteful meal. My personal favorite are the nachos and if you order them, you may need to share them with someone else as they are pretty big. When I say they are big, they are BIG.

On the rest of the menu, my favorites include the different varieties of burgers that are offered and one of the signature plates, “Zingers”. The Zingers are essentially their version of boneless wings and they are fantastic. Like a Buffalo Wild Wings, there are a lot of different sauce combinations in which you can order the wingers with which make them elite.

The menu is the steal of the show as you won’t find yourself not liking any picks on the menu. In fact, you may be confused on which plate to actually chose for your meal.

I will always highly recommend Miller’s Ale House to anyone that asks especially in the area that I live in. A classic sports bar stop with some great food is always a good time and well worth the money. As they continue to expand, hopefully they will have more locations spread out across the country.

  • Mike

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