December 2019 is here!

It is officially one of the best months of the year and it happens to be the last one until we enter a new calendar year. November was a great month filled with new explorations, fun, and laughs with loved ones. Thanksgiving was great as usual as I doubled up on food and was regretting it while on the couch after. The next day, Kayla and I participated in the craziness that we call “Black Friday”. Although November is over with, it is time to move onto the better month which is December.

Like November, December is also filled with holidays and spending times with friends and family. If you know one thing about me, I am a big Christmas guy and am still a child on Christmas Day at 23 years old. Although the weather is getting colder, the holiday spirit is getting “warmer”.

Houses will be lit up with Christmas lights on the outside and a tree in the inside. The snow truly begins to come to the east coast and hopefully we can get a “White Christmas” this year. As you get older, the holidays start to become a little less exciting, but it is always a great time of the year that only happens once. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both days that are meant to spend time with family and loved ones if you celebrate. They are also both underrated days to stuff your face with food just like Thanksgiving.

To cap off the month, we all get to party away the year and bring on 2020 on New Years Eve. Other than the major holidays, December is meant to recap on the year and begin to plan your goals for the next year.

Here is a list of “bucket list items” that I will be looking forward to in December:

  • Celebrating Christmas with my family
  • Dressing up as Santa Claus for my little cousins (3 years strong!!)
  • Watching Christmas movie marathons
  • Exploring new places with the snow covering the ground
  • Visit the Christmas tree in New York City
  • Go Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center
  • Party on New Years Eve
  • Plan new goals for 2020
  • Hitting the slopes for the first time
  • Finishing my Christmas shopping
  • Throwing snow at Kayla (hopefully she doesn’t see this)
  • Drink a lot of Egg Nog

There are so many more bucket list items that can be included for December, but these were the most important to me. Personally, I can’t wait to break out the Santa hat, watch Elf, and sit by the fireplace. Like I mentioned before, the kid will never leave me when Christmas time is here. It is by far the best holiday in the year and nothing will dethrone it.

Happy Holidays!

  • Mike

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