Singles’ Day Explodes on Alibaba

Working in affiliate marketing has taught me a lot over the past few months. Before working in the space, I had no idea what a “singles’ day” is or how big it is. What is singles’ day you may ask? Singles’ day is a popular shopping holiday in the Chinese market which relates to what Black Friday and Prime Day is in America. Ecommerce shopping is also a very big thing overseas in China with sites like Dealmoon and Alibaba being known as some of the leaders in this category.

Alibaba is well known as the “ebay” or “amazon” over in China. Since Singles’ day is basically their superbowl, price markdowns are brought to the table along with exclusive offers. As Chinese shoppers went on to “break the internet”, there were some astronomical numbers that occurred on this years Singles’ day.

Within just 1 minute into the shopping holiday, Alibaba generated $1 billion in sales. yes, $1 billion in sales in the first minute of a 24 hour marathon. For the entire day, Alibaba drove in over $34 billion in sales. Those are just some mind blowing stats to wrap any thoughts around. At least over 200,000 brands contributed to those insane numbers as well.

After hearing about these stats, it really made me think about how crazy Cyber Monday is here and then seeing what Singles’ Day did is on a different level. With predicting $12 billion in sales, Singles’ Day has blown us out of the water. That deserves a cheers to you, China

After seeing what Amazon workers have to go through when they run these big sales dates, I can’t even imagine what Alibaba workers went through to properly ship each item in a timely manor.

Happy holidays to you all and happy shopping!

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