Three Ways to Quickly Gain United Miles

Airline travel has been trending upwards over the past few years which means more lines at the TSA check, woo!! According to a study, global air traffic grew 6.5 percent in 2018 according to Business Travel News. With more travelers ditching the land and heading to the air, airline travel can be a hefty knock to the bank account. Business class seats to economy seats, the planes are packed and airlines are making a fortune.

Due to the rising prices in airlines tickets, everyone is looking to save some bucks when traveling. As I am someone that wants to see the world, stashing miles away is the way to go to travel cost friendly. United Airlines has been my airline of choice since I do own a United Explorer card.

For this article, I will be discussing my top three ways gain United Miles rather quickly. My account was on a good run gaining around 23,000 miles in under a year before I spent it all on a round trip flight to Colorado. Time to rack up the miles and do it again!

For the beginner traveler that I am, here my top three ways to quickly earn award miles for United:

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  1. Mileage Plus Shopping

Mileage Plus Shopping is probably the easiest and most useful way to gain miles for United. United allows you to buy products from their partners sites and earn miles while spending your money. Along with easiest and most useful, this way to earn miles could also be the most enjoyable as well.

Through Mileage Plus Shopping, you can earn miles from buying from brands like Nike, Lowe’s, Neiman Marcus, Backcountry and more. To add onto that, United allows you to dine at their partnered restaurants in which you can earn miles from eating as well!

As you can see from the picture above, there are a lot of ways to earn miles through the shopping feature of United. With Black Friday coming up, make sure to check out the shopping feature on United!

2. Mile Play

Mile Play is another one of my favorite ways to earn miles through United. Although this option can take a bit longer and more difficult, the reward is greater than most options. Mile Play is United’s way to sharing promotions to their customers to earn miles. Mile Play allows customers to gain a bulk of miles for completing a “challenge” that United offers.

One challenge that I was able to earn miles on was booking a flight during a certain time period. After this flight was booked and performed, 7,000 miles were magically gifted to my account which is a huge help. Another challenge that United typically offers is buying through the shopping section in which you can earn hundreds of miles.

They call it Mile Play for a reason as it is kind of like playing for a prize even though it involves money.

3. Buy a United Explorer Card

Simple and straight forward, having a United credit card is also another easy way to earn those award miles. If you are looking to earn miles quickly, just use the explorer card for all purchases as you earn award miles for every dollar that is spent. My united card is heavily used when making purchases so I can rack up my miles.

Although this may be more of a rare occurrence, using the card for United purchases like a flight allows you to earn double miles on those dollars being spent. No matter what airline is, those flights should be purchased by airline card holders as it is just the smarter way to save and travel. Get a United card if you haven’t already as it is well worth it in the long run.

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There are many ways to earn miles when traveling with United on a trip. Award miles are revolutionizing the way air travel is being made and it is time to hop on the “flight” to get started, no pun intended.

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