Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas will always have a special place in my heart. In September 2019, my friend and I took our first trip together to a New York Giants game on the road. Other than the fact that the Giants won and made the trip better, the city itself was beautiful. To show off some of the beauty of the city, some pictures will be posted below that were taken on the trip.

Texas as a state should be on the bucket list of any traveler within the United States. From amazing food to great people, it is a must at least once within someone’s life. Although Dallas is the popular city to go to in Texas, Houston should be near the top of the list. Split up by an uptown and downtown, there are many avenues to explore within Houston.

Stepping off the plane in September was definitely a shock in terms of weather. Typically, the weather starts to cool down across the country as the fall hits, but Houston was the most humid places I have been to. Although this is expected due to its location, the surprise was when my hands were moist the second after I stepped outside. Big time sweaters like me need to be prepared when traveling to a humid area like this one.

The city itself was fairly quiet for the weekend that was spent there. As I was wandering around the streets looking for a good hangout spot, it was tricky to find any life other than a small strip with a few restaurants located on it. Living so close to New York City probably has ruined my insights on different cities nightlife because New York City is truly the city that never sleeps. Boring city, beautiful views.

Within the city of Houston, you can find Minute Maid Park or the Toyota Center home to NBA and MLB Franchises. Unfortunately, the Houston Texas are a train ride or “metro” ride away from the main city. Although the nightlife isn’t too exciting, game days within Houston are actually really fun. Due to the stadiums being pretty close to each other, the streets are flooded with fans walking to the game to watch the home team play. Although this may seem like a common theme in other areas, it is a bit more challenging in New York/New Jersey to do this which made it unique for me.

If there is one spot to visit in Houston, I’d highly recommend taking a stroll in Discovery Green Park. This park brings some green into a concrete city and there are some great activities to be done within the park. From some nice food spots to outdoor concerts, the city has something special with this park attracting tourists around the city. As you can see below, the park has some beautiful views.

To be quite honest, you will be finding the most time spent within the city as there is not much else to do outside of it. The only major thing that could be done when getting away from the buildings is visiting the iconic space center which is located right outside the city. “Houston, we have lift off”.

The area isn’t what I would call “popping”, but it still is a good time and I definitely would love to go back one day. Have you been to Houston before? Let us know in the comments below or email coupleschecklist@gmail.com

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