Top 3 Dishes on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and most of us are ready to gain a couple pounds on this filling holiday. Get it? We eat so much that the holiday is filling. Alright, I will stop with the terrible jokes now. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with people who are close to and eating immense amounts of food. Whether you catch the turkey yourself or order out from Boston Market, it is the official day of the year to stuff your face and not feel bad about it.

With a lot of food on the table, there are always debates on what is the best Thanksgiving dish. With that debate being a popular one, it was time for myself to chime in and potentially anger some of you. Personally, most foods on the table are a favorite of mine. But, for debate purposes, I will be picking three of my favorites and will list them with one being the best.

The three on the list are pretty standard Thanksgiving foods, so if you have an idea already, you probably have them right. Of course, every Thanksgiving dinner table has special foods that others don’t. Let’s begin the festivities and please enjoy my top 3 foods on Thanksgiving.

  1. Stuffing

Stuffing is an all time great Thanksgiving food whether you like it or not. There is no dish that is completed without a side of stuffing. Dried breadcrumbs, onions, celery, and much more make up this filling side dish and it is honestly heavenly to eat. I haven’t met too many people who say they have hated stuffing and it makes sense. If you hate stuffing, you may be the devil (any allergies aside). Number 1 on the table ad number 1 in my heart.

2. Mash Potatoes

Mash potatoes are another runaway pick as this is the perfect food for Thanksgiving and a regular dinner. Although this is a dish that is not as liked as stuffing is, mash potatoes with some homemade gravy is the show stopper on the dinner table at Thanksgiving. In my opinion, potatoes are boring and mashing them make them so much better than they already are. Mash potatoes are also another food that will always have a special spot in my stomach on Thanksgiving.

3. Turkey

Ah yes, the meal that makes the Thanksgiving dinner complete. Turkey is the most important dish, but not the most elite like the other two above. Turkey is the key to putting you in that food coma that everyone experiences at some point on Thanksgiving. The reason it is not on the top as you may have expected is that I feel like not enough people get excited for Turkey. It’s kind of because you have to eat it or the turkey lost its life for nothing. If you aren’t eating turkey on Thanksgiving, then go get checked out please. Add some gravy to it and it could move up a spot in the rankings.

There are my “controversial” top 3 foods to eat on Thanksgiving. I will admit that it is hard to rank these foods as there are soo many good dishes that are served on Thanksgiving. Some honorable mentions can be mac and cheese, cornbread, sweet potatoes, and more.

Feel free to debate me in the comment section below. Most importantly, have an AMAZING Thaksgiving!

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