Our Black Friday Store List

Black Friday is Here!

Hello everyone! Mike and Kayla back today with a post about what stores we want to go to on Black Friday. We thought it would be a good idea if we shared with you guys stores that we want to hit up just incase you needed some inspiration with where you would like to go. We will link every store that we mention down below! Don’t forget to follow us and like our post!

In this post, Mike and I will list 3 stores that we each want to go to, as well as our top 3 stores that we want to go to together. Of course, we will list items that are on our radar and what this particular store has to offer during Black Friday! Most of our shopping will be done at Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey. Let us know if you are planning on going Black Friday shopping and where you want to go!

Our 3 Picks

  1. Macy’s

    Macy’s is always a staple go-to for Black Friday shopping! There are numerous options to choose from. Kayla is looking to buy perfume/cologne for her friends and family. Macy’s always has amazing selections of fragrances. Mike is looking to ramp up his closet with dress clothes as Macy’s has an abundance of different styles of dress attire. Together, we are both looking to find some new snow gear for our upcoming trip to Colorado in January! To make things better, they always send out coupons which adds to the Black Friday deals!

  2. Best Buy

    Best Buy is the place to go for all things tech. Kayla is looking to get into starting up a YouTube channel, so a camera will be on her radar! There are also probably going to be deals with TV’s. TV’s are always a great purchase on Black Friday! Since Mike is getting into photography, he will be looking for any deals that he can get for camera lenses. Together, we will be looking for movies to watch by the fireplace!

  3. Marshalls

    Marshalls always has the best deals even when it is not Black Friday. There is nothing specific that Kayla and Mike will be on the lookout for as there is a wide variety of selections here. This is one of our favorite stores, so it is a must for us to hit up on Black Friday.


  1. Kayla’s 3 Picks
    1. 1. Victoria’s Secret
    2. My go-to store for EVERYTHING will always be Victoria’s Secret. Every holiday season, I get so incredibly excited for shopping here! They have the cutest stuff every year and they always make the best gifts to give to friends and family.
    3. 2. Morphe
    4. Lately, I have been getting into makeup. Morphe is a brand that I can always count on for supplying me with the best quality (and affordable) products such as brushes and eyeshadow palettes. Recently Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson released their ‘Conspiracy’ collection. However, everything sold out online extremely quick which was a bummer! Hopefully, on Black Friday this location might have some of the collection left because I would love to purchase it.
    5. 3. Urban Outfitters
    6. I have been trying to spice my style up for a while now. I have always loved Urban Outfitters but I want to integrate more of their products into my closet. They always have the coolest clothing! This year I really want to branch out and step out of my comfort zone. Not to mention, they always have the cutest gifts to give people as well!
  2. Mike’s 3 Picks
    1. 1. Foot Locker
    2. Foot Locker has always been one of my favorite stores when shopping. Luckily, every single mall that I go to has a Foot Locker. If you are interested in sport/urban-wear like me, then Foot Locker will have to be on the list. Personally, I will be on the lookout for any new shoes to buy and some sweats to bundle up for the winter!
    3. 2. Dick’s Sporting Goods
    4. Another sport store on my list if you are noticing the trend yet. Dick’s has always been an all time favorite of mine and usually have some great Black Friday Deals. In this store, I will be on the lookout for any new Nike clothes, fishing gear, and any outdoors/snowboarding gear. Dick’s is one of my favorites because of the variety of options that it holds. This may be a place can find some family Christmas presents as well!
    5. 3. Eddie Bauer
    6. Eddie Bauer may be a surprise on the list as they have taken a place in my heart as of recent. Luckily, they have a retail store in Garden State Plaza. Excitingly enough, last time that I shopped there, I got a quarter zip shirt for 60% off! With a deal like that, it is necessary to head back there to find more deals.

We hope you guys enjoyed this post! Black Friday is one of our favorite days of the year! It really allows people to get most of their holiday shopping done. If you guys have any suggestions as to where we should go shopping, feel free to comment! Have a fantastic day everyone!

-Mike and Kayla


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