Weekend Photography Recap

Bear Mountain, New York

Hello readers! As this has been a common theme for the past few weeks, I wanted to extend these weekly posts moving forward. The northeast has been getting blasted with cold air as of recent. Ice on the windshield was not going to stop me from heading out to a brand new spot that I found to snap some photos.

There was no hiking involved in the trip today as it was about 20 to 30 degrees in the morning which led to my hands freezing. Bear Mountain was a place that was discovered last week by myself when adventuring through Harriman State Park. The Bear Mountain “Scenic Area” was about a 45 minute drive from my home in North Jersey. The drive was relatively smooth throughout the trip and it included some great views as the sun was rising early in the morning.

The scenic areas included some great views of the Hudson River. The Hudson is primarily known for being towered by the big buildings of new York City, but this was a different vibe. The Purple Heart Memorial bridge was located near to the spots where the photographs were taken and it was a cool scene.

There is not much else to talk about as there was no hiking involved. With that being said, please enjoy some of my photos that were taken below! As always, check out my full portfolio at the Mike’s Photography tab. Also, follow @mikemoscphoto on Instagram and check out some more pictures there!


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