How to shop on Black Friday: The smart way

Black Friday, America’s most infamous “holiday” is rapidly approaching at the end of the month. With Black Friday approaching fast, that means it is time to empty the wallet to spend money on whatever you say. For almost every retail store in America, there is always some sort of discount to be found throughout this insane weekend.

As retail sales are estimated to hit over $1 trillion dollars during this holiday season, that only means more crowds at your favorite stores. My favorite part about Black Friday is watching all of the ridiculous fight videos from the crazy shoppers. If there was one thing to not do when taking on Black Friday is skipping out on Thanksgiving.

With that being said, I do enjoy going to the mall to experience Black Friday as I have done the past few years. But, there are better ways to get the most out of the savings instead of physically going to a store. Online shopping was made for a reason. Whether you are shopping on Black Friday, Black Saturday-Sunday, or Cyber Monday, save yourself a trip and some sanity.

My career as of late has been working in affiliate marketing for retail brands growing their ecommerce programs in the affiliate space. As the holiday approaches, I will be swarmed with the most important shopping dates of the year! Take some words of advice from me and start shopping online. When I refer to shopping online, I mean utilizing sites that offer coupon codes and cash back. These sites that you should be actively on if you are looking to save some bucks below are partners of mine with the brands that I manage. With that said, trust my word and shop here instead of getting out of bed.

Here are some of my top suggestions of sites to visit when looking to catch some great savings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

These sites above were just to name a few, but please take my word and just shop through here. Thousands of retail stores will be focusing on the digital side of their sales and most of those deals end up on sites like these. Deals that you could normally find in store will be on sites like Rakuten (formally Ebates) and RetailMeNot. Some of the sites listed are also known as “loyalty” sites in which you can earn cash back. Shopping in store at the mall will not get you cash back most of the time, but you can do that online now.

Cash back is easily the most smartest way to shop during Black Friday as you can literally earn money back while shopping. How is that an offer that you would turn down?

That’s my two cents for the upcoming holidays though. Kayla and I will shop in stores to get the experience, but avoiding the crowds is the way to go. As my brands will be sharing their offers for the weekend of Black Friday, email me and maybe I can give you some scoop on what to watch for at

Check out our Couple’s Deals section to find some great offers from our partners during Black Friday and Cyber Weekend!

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