Exploring Harriman State Park

Sloatsburg, New York

Hello readers! Happy Monday to you all and let’s pray for another speedy week. On this past Saturday, I decided to venture a little out of my comfort zone heading to a state park that I have never visited before. The move has usually been to hike and explore new spots at the Ramapo Reservation, but last time I went, I saw a massive coyote which has made me a bit spooked to head back there just yet.

Thanks to that coyote, I was glad that I was able to explore a new place on Saturday. The process of picking where I wanted to go literally had me up all Friday night and a last second decision ended up being made that Saturday morning. Harriman State Park, located in Sloatsburg New York was beautiful.

The visit to this park didn’t have any hiking involved as I was focused on trying to get some pictures for my new instagram page, @mikemoscphoto. Hiking wasn’t needed as there was a massive lake in the middle of the park that I was able to travel around to snap some cool shots. As I have done in the past, I am a early bird, so the trip was made bright and early to make sure the photos that I took included the sun just rising to start the day.

There isn’t much of a review today on this state park as I wasn’t able to hit up some trails, but overall, Harriman State Park was beautiful. Within the area, there are long, single lane roads that travel through the forests and the mountains to get to your preferred destination. The one thing that I notice that I found cool was that the state park was notorious for its camping grounds. Filled with many log cabins and camp sites, there is definitely a lot of fun activities that can be done within the park.

The one highlight of the trip was the fact that my GPS was not working in which I ended up getting lost. Yikes! For someone who is bad with direction, this took a while for me to get out. Although it seemed there was no way out, the views made up for it.

Harriman State Park will definitely be on my list of spots to head back to again. The size and the beauty of the park made the experience above average.

Let me know if you have ever visited here!

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