Welcome, November!

November is here and October is a thing of the past. It feels like just yesterday that I was writing my favorite things about the month of October. Time flies when you are having fun and we are definitely enjoying the cooler weather after a hot summer. The sweats were broken out and beds were filled with heavy blankets.

November is officially here and the mother nature will continue to bring the cold weather that will eventually force us to cuddle around the fireplace. Throw away the spooky costumes and put on your pioneer caps as Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Like October, many of the same activities can be performed in the month of November, but you may just have to bundle up a tad more than you are used to.

November is all about adapting to the colder weather, enjoying more football games, and hiking through the beautiful colors that a forest has to offer you. Fellas, it is time to break out No Shave November and build up those husky beards! I won’t be participating as I can’t stand the feeling of a lot of facial hair on my face, but I do enjoy watching the facial hair styles that November brings.

The more popular days come at the end of November when Thanksgiving hits along with Black Friday right after that. Although I love black Friday shopping, please don’t be that person who skips out on Thanksgiving with family to sit on a line for a deal on a TV. November is about spending time with your loved ones and giving thanks to each other.

Stuffing your bellies and spending quality time is the main focus of November. Although I recently joined a e-commerce retail career and will have to work on Thanksgiving (I know), there is no better time than Thanksgiving and I will do my best to spend time with my loved ones!

Gear up and enjoy this month please. Once it is over, it is time to blow your money on Christmas Gifts (if you celebrate) and bundle up as it begins to get really cold as we enter into the heart of winter. Yikes!

As the leaves continue to show their amazing colors, please follow my instagram page @mikemoscphoto to see some incredible pictures of what the fall has to offer on the east coast. I will follow you back as well, don’t worry 🙂

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