An Amateur Photographer in New Jersey

A Review…

It has really been about a month so far since I decided to venture off into a new idea of being a photographer. As I have been effortlessly finding different things to do to spend my time outside of work and hopefully a career in, photography was next up on the list. I have been through reselling on eBay, running drop shipping stores on Shopify, and much more. Although most haven’t gotten me to a place I want to be at, I may revisit Shopify in the future once I build up some more money,

Next up on the list… nature photography. Being a “nature photographer” has been a fun ride so far and I am excited to see what the future can hold for this. For my entire life, I have loved the outdoors and especially the views that some locations bring out of it. I have always been the iPhone photographer as that is what my iPhone is mainly filled up with; nature pictures

So here I am with some money in the bank looking for the next move. I was looking for an effective camera at a reasonable cost in which I stumbled upon a package deal on Amazon including a Canon EOS Rebel T7. The journey has officially begun, woohoo!

The one frustrating thing that I have encountered is the lack of spots to take pictures in New Jersey can be. I do have the Ramapo Reserve which is right next to my house, but it is pretty hard to compete with the master minds who have pictures of gigantic mountains in Colorado, Wyoming and more. One day, I will have the funds to travel a lot to the hidden beauties of America to get those pictures. For now, I have to stick with New Jersey, Upstate New York, and Pennsylvania. My camera will get an intense workout when Kayla and I head out to Telluride, Colorado in January, 2020!

Besides the frustrations, the journey has been amazing and I look forward to build my following on here along with my Instagram which will be tagged below. Shooting with an actual camera rather than an iPhone gives a more meaningful purpose when actually taking a picture. Another asset that I have loved using so far is Lightroom. Most pictures can be dull and boring especially here in New Jersey. Lightroom has allowed me to “spice” up these pictures and I can’t wait to learn how to use the platform more to create some crazy looking effects.

Just take a look of some of my edited photos already where you can also find on the Mike’s Photography tab.

These have been incredibly fun to work with so far and 2020 is going to be a big year when Kayla and I head out to Colorado as mentioned above. My IG page, @mikemoscphoto has been a focus of mine where I want to grow my following. Over the past few days, I have gained over 200 followers and have met some great people!

Eventually, as I grow, my goal is for my photography to based more on the high altitude mountains and beautiful places outside of the east coast. Let’s be honest, New Jersey is all fun and games, but Colorado is a different beast!

Have you tried photography before? If so, let me know as I would love to connect with other fellow photographers!

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