NFL Week 9 Picks

We are officially past the mid way point in the NFL season and all I have to say is; please slow down. Although there is still a long second half of football to go, I am worried about the Sunday’s where I won’t be on my couch enjoying some NFL Football.

Week after week, we have seen some exciting football and some head scratchers. The 49ers continue to roll over there opponents as they BLEW out the Carolina Panthers which I wasn’t expected. The other lone undefeated team at the top of the standings is the New England Patriots which isn’t surprising. The New York Football Giants continue to embarrass themselves although Danny Dimes had a great outing versus the Detroit Lions.

Before I jump into my record for last week, one of the biggest surprisers of the season has been my fantasy football dominance. Personally, my teams usually start slow and end hot, but not this year. I am in three leagues this year and here is my records. 8-0, 7-1, and 7-1. 22-2 is just insane when you are in three leagues. Hopefully my teams can continue their dominance.

Speaking of dominance, my week 8 picks were stellar. After a few slow weeks, I went for a combined 11-4. Keep your eyes peeled once again for these picks as I am hot and ready to dominate once again!

Let’s get into my week 9 picks below:

Thursday, Oct. 31:

San Francisco 49ers (-8) at Arizona Cardinals

My Pick: 49ers (-8)

Sunday, Nov. 3:

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)

My Pick: Texans (+2.5)

Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills (-10)

My Pick: Bills (-10)

Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers (-3.5)

My Pick: Panthers (-3.5)

Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5)

My Pick: Bears (+4.5)

New York Jets (-3) at Miami Dolphins

My Pick: Jets (-3)

Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers (+1)

My Pick: Colts (-1)

Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders (-1.5)

My Pick: Lions (+1.5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Seattle Seahawks (-6.5)

My Pick: Seahawks (-6.5)

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos (-1.5)

My Pick: Browns (+1.5)

New England Patriots (-3.5) at Baltimore Ravens

My Pick: Patriots (-3.5)

Monday, Nov. 4:

Dallas Cowboys (-7) at New York Giants

My Pick: Cowboys (-7)

There you have it. Looking for another great week on my end as I feel these lines are a bit more favorable in terms of predictions compared to last week. Excited to see how everything turns out!

Let me know your thoughts!

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