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If you are like Kayla and myself, traveling is like an addiction, a good one unless you are a bank account. Travel junkies are always looking for a quick and easy way to book their next adventure. If you are like me, I like booking packages and obviously saving money while doing so.

Sites like and were some well trusted sites I have used in the past. A new site that we have recently discovered called is something worth to take a look at. What is is a newer travel site in which you can book your next vacation at ease. Some of the features on the site that you can book is flights, hotels, cars, trains, events, and more.

I think the most unique part about this site that it is so multi dimensional compared to its other competitors. Personally, I have never seen trains as an option on a travel booking site which caught my eyes. Other than that, they offer a full line of different options to book when traveling. is more of an international traveling site as they have many options spanning across the asian regions, but it seems that they are rapidly expanding into North America with deals in New York and some other popular areas across the country.

If you haven’t read before, I am like Santa Claus with our partner reviews. With that being said, here is $30 off of your next flight that you book on!

Traveling overseas is something that I haven’t done yet, but it is something I am considering in the future. If you are someone who loves to hop the pond on a yearly basis, you have to take a look at when booking overseas.

If you are in New York City, they do have a good amount of hotels available in the city that never sleeps! With good hotels being available, there are also killer deals that you won’t find on other booking sites.

Happy Travels!

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