Being a fan is stressful

If you are heavily into multiple sports across the country like me, being a fan of a sports team can be rewarding or crush your soul in an instant. But guess what, that is the beauty of competitive sports at all levels. At some points whether you are in the stands or playing, you will feel like the king of the world. But at other points, you feel like jumping off a cliff or bleaching your eyes.

That is why I love sports (although I am very angry right now). I am a huge fan of the Brooklyn Nets who have been under performing this year. The reason I am writing this post right now because I am fuming because they let a winnable game slip away to a game winning buzzer beater by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Don’t let me even get started on the New York Giants performance on Sunday. When you think they are crawling their way back into it, they come back to crush you once again. It is so crushing to watch your team lose, but we are the idiots to head back to the next game to get broken all over again.

Although I have been getting crushed this past week, I will continue to stick with my teams and either be happy or completely depressed. That is what all sports fans will do. Professional sports are the only thing that can raise my heart rate and give me butterflies while being a slob sitting on the couch all day.

If you are a Patriots fan, sorry that this post doesn’t relate to you right now. Go away. I love you sports and I will come back every game even if my teams never win again. It is exhausting, but this is what makes sports amazing. Get into it if you haven’t already. There is no better thrill.

Enjoy my short post. I just needed to rant. Enjoy your Monday!

  • Mike

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