Saturday’s Hike: Stairway to Heaven Trail

Another weekend coming to an end and another day spent enjoying the fall weather outside. A new trailhead to my resume as I headed up to Kayla’s neck of the woods to the Stairway to Heaven Trail in Vernon, New Jersey.

This hike was definitely by far the most challenging one that I have been on so far in New Jersey. The name most likely comes from the heavenly views of upstate New Jersey that you can see from the top of the hike. This hike was beautiful and challenging at the same time. The hike consisted mainly of an uphill hike with a lot of rocks to get around.

All around, it was about a 4 mile hike round trip although it could of been shorter if we didn’t get lost at the top looking for the opening that shows the amazing views. The hike took over 2 hours as well which gave us a good sweat and workout.

I would highly recommend this hike to anyone who is in the area in New Jersey as it is rated one of the best in New Jersey. This post was to show more of the photos I took on the hike, which weren’t much due to most of the climb being a battle uphill with little views in the middle of it.

Check out my pictures that I have taken below. The light didn’t resonate to great today with my lightroom skills, but I still think the photos are beautiful and show the beauty of the hike!

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