Planned Snowboard Gear for Winter 2019/2020

Winter is rapidly approaching as the temperatures have been dropping dramatically over the past few months here in New Jersey. With the temperatures dropping, that only means one thing for me… snowboard season. Ah, yes. Although the cold can sucks, the fact that I can strap on the snowboard and cruise down a nice smooth mountain is beyond exciting.

Let’s be honest. Whether you ski or snowboard, there is nothing better than cruising down a mountain in deep powder and having some hot chocolate by a fireplace after the trip. I will definitely be partaking in a good amount of these perfect days with some Colorado trips coming up.

As I have grown out of some clothes and wanted to go all out for the year, this winter is calling for some change in what I wear down the slopes. In this post, I will be laying out the new gear that I am planning on buying for the upcoming snowboard season. The only gear that I will be keeping in my arsenal for the season is my white snowboarding helmet and potentially my all blue goggles (may replace with Oakley’s).

Before I jump into my new gear, just keep in mind that I have a strange obsession with my snowboarding gear being almost all white. I like the different look to it and I definitely wouldn’t survive in an avalanche which is great, I guess. With that being said, my clothing choices will be mostly white all around (with an exception of a few).

Alright, enough jibber jabber. Let’s jump into my plans for what I will be rocking for the upcoming season.

First up was my biggest purchase so far of the season and easily the most exciting one. I have always struggled with finding the right bindings and boots to fit into. I have always been jealous of how skiiers are able to easily get in and out of their bindings on the mountain. With the traditional snowboard bindings, you have to take at least a minute to properly strap in your feet into the bindings on the snowboard.

Well, thanks to Burton; the future is here. Yes, I bought the latest edition of the new Burton Step On boots and binding combo.

As you can see, the bindings are strapless. This was something I have been waiting a long time for and I had to dump all of my money on them. They are fairly expensive, but that is because you have to buy the specialized boot with the bindings or it doesn’t work.

Here is a video on how these exactly work. Needless to say, I am amped for these to come in November.

Next up will be my jacket and pants combo that I need to replace because of my recent weight loss. It is a sad time, but it is finally time to retire my all white Burton snowboard jacket which has lasted me a few good years through an abundance of conditions.

With that being said, I am eyeing a beautiful new ski jacket that I have discovered from a company called Helly Hansen. I feel they are a company that gears more towards skiiers, but correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, a snow jacket is a snow jacket.

Continuing my trend of an all white outfit, I have decided to go with this jacket once I have the funds to purchase this before the season.

The Swift 4.0 Jacket is going to be rocked on the slopes this year for me and I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, Helly Hansen doesn’t have a pair of white snow pants (from what I have seen). With that being said, it is time to cross brand a little so I can go all white once again!

I am still up in the air with what pants I would like to buy as they need to perfectly match the jacket in order to pull off this ridiculous combo. I have been keeping an eye on two brands that have affordable white snowboard pants that could do the job. DC and North Face which are pictured below.

I would love to hear your suggestions on which would look better with the confirmed Helly Hansen jacket.

Hope you enjoyed learning about what is coming to my closet for the upcoming snowboard season. What do you wear on the slopes?

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