NFL Week 8 Picks

Welcome back football fans to Mike’s Week 8 NFL Picks. I sound like a broken record, but we did have another wild week of football in week 7. What else is new?

What were the big storylines of week 7? Sam Darnold was seeing ghosts as the Patriots ROLLED over the Jets on Monday night. On Thursday Night Football, we lost Patrick Mahomes to a kneecap injury. Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints continue to roll over the NFL as they are 6-1 despite losing Drew Brees early in the season.

As for my Giants, no comment at all. Another discouraging performing especially on the coaching end. How did my picks do in Week 7? I was a solid 8-6 for the week with a few close ones that could of swung either way. Looking for an improvement in week 8 as I am pretty stagnant in my real money betting as I haven’t been up or under in cash flow for a few weeks now.

Just a note for my picks today. I have had a busy week with Wednesday night (when I usually make the picks) occupied by a Brooklyn Nets home opener. Yes, they lost in overtime and I was devastated. With that being said, I was not able t get my pick in for TNF with the Redskins vs Vikings. I am actually watching the game now as I type this up and it is an ugly one for sure.

With all of that being said, here are my week 8 NFL picks… half way there:

Sunday, Oct. 27:

Seattle Seahawks (-5.5) at Atlanta Falcons

  • My Pick: Seahawks -5.5

Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills (-1.5)

  • My Pick: Eagles +1.5

Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears (-6)

  • My Pick: Chargers +6

New York Giants at Detroit Lions (-7)

  • My Pick: Giants +7

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (-3)

  • My Pick: Bucs +3

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts (-6.5)

  • My Pick: Colts -6.5

Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams (-12.5)

  • My Pick: Rams -12.5

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints (-7.5)

  • My Pick: Saints -7.5

New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars (-4.5)

  • My Pick: Jaguars -4.5

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers (-6)

  • My Pick: 49ers -6

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots (-10)

  • My Pick: Browns +10

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans (-7)

  • My Pick: Raiders +7

Green Bay Packers (-3) at Kansas City Chiefs

  • My Pick: Packers -3

Monday, Oct. 28:

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers (-16.5)

  • My Pick: Dolphins +16.5

Another week of NFL picks in the books. I apologize for not getting in Thursday’s game this week. By the looks of this game and how the Redskins are playing in the first half, I probably would of lost this pick anyway.

Let’s all hope for another exciting week of NFL Football!

  • Mike

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