Our Plans Next Weekend

Hello everyone! Kayla and Mike here! We hope everyone is having a great day so far. Next weekend we have made some pretty fun plans and we are very excited to share them with you all. Kayla is going on PTO starting Saturday, so we really want to take full advantage of our first full weekend together in a very long time. 

On Saturday, we plan to start the morning off with a nice hike. We are going to the Stairway to Heaven trail located in Vernon, NJ. Of course we will take plenty of pictures because there is a beautiful view at the top of the mountain. After our hike, we want to go pick pumpkins. We aren’t completely sure where we will go yet. Mike and I wanted to buy a few pumpkins and carve them together.

Pumpkin carving is clearly a favorite of ours. No matter if you are little baby or a grandparent, pumpkin carving is fun and for all ages! Later on in the day, we might carve the pumpkins together or we might go out to dinner; Those plans are still up in the air. 

On Sunday, we will probably start our morning out with another hike. Mike and I are going to my grandparents’ house for Sunday dinner. Sunday dinner is a tradition that has run in my family for a very long time. Because Mike and I have been so busy, we haven’t been able to attend dinner together.

Usually there is always football on TV and everyone watches it while dinner is prepared. It is nice to spend quality time every week with your family. Mike demands football to be on the TV every time as he is an avid Giants fan and is just overly obsessed with the sport.

Of course we will document everything and write a post for you all! We are really looking forward to this upcoming weekend. As the winter comes around, we will pack our outdoors gear and begin to do more stuff that keeps us warm and cozy! We hope you guys have a fantastic week! 

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