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Next up on our “Couple’s Checklist Reviews” is one of the most popular areas on the east cost, Orland Florida. Personally, I have been to Orlando twice soo far in the past few years and I did enjoy my visits each time. This review may not be as long because as we all know, Orlando is really known for Universal Studios and of course, Disney World. I have only been to Disney World so far, so Universal is definitely next up on the list… hopefully.

Orlando is a fun place for all ages. As mentioned above, if you are heading to Orlando and not visiting Disney or Universal, you may be making a mistake because there is not much else to do. For all of you fellow Orlando residents, don’t get offended over that. That is just my opinion as that was the main reason of visiting Orlando.

To start off, if you want to get to the fun areas of Orlando, it is about a 40 minute drive from the airport which is brutal depending if you have a rental car or are taking a shuttle which could take longer.

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Orlando is full of life with an impressive portfolio of affordable and up scale hotels in the area. Whether they are hotels on the Disney property or hotels near the airport, there are definitely a good amount that can make your trip much more enjoyable.

Along with hotels, you can definitely find a good amount of food locations within the area in which you could enjoy some great food. My top two favorites was “Steak N Shake” which seems more of a southern chain as we don’t have them in New Jersey and “Miller’s Ale House”. Millers has an unfair advantage as I have one in my area and it is one of my favorite places. Once I saw it in Orlando, I knew I was in a good spot.

Orlando seemed to be a hot and humid area which is typical due to the fact that it is located in Central Florida where that weather is expected. Make sure to pack some extra rain clothes as well as it does rain a good amount in the area which is typical Florida weather.

If you are looking to venture outside of Orlando, the beautiful small city of Tampa Bay is only an hour and half drive from the Center of Orlando. If you are looking for more of a “beachy area”, you can travel about the same distance the opposite way of Tampa Bay to reach the coast line of Florida with extensive beachfronts.

If I were to suggest the top two places to visit when in Orlando, one is obvious and one may surprise you…

One of my favorite places that I visited in Orlando was ESPN Wide World of Sports. If you grew up on ESPN years back or if you are just a sports junkie, this place is underrated. This place is basically just an entire complex dedicated to ESPN and it also includes varieties of sport fields and an indoor arena.

If you really want to go above and beyond, head down to Orlando for spring training and catch an Atlanta Braves game at this very complex. This was one of my favorite experiences in sports and I highly recommend it.

The next is obviously the runaway pick, Disney World. Yes, Disney World; one of the most popular resorts in the world located right in Orlando. It only took me until I was 21 to get there (thanks mom and dad), but this place is truly as magical as they say. Although I am a grown man and am not interested in most Disney things anymore, I felt like a little kid here again.

The resort is made up of many parks, so I would suggest buying a Park Hopper Pass to get the full experience. If you are above age like me, Epcot is a must as you can drink around the world and also eat a variety of foods which is an awesome perk to the park.

If you haven’t visited Disney World yet, DO IT or else. 5 years old or 80 years old, no one is sad in Disney World. I definitely wasn’t.

There you have it. Orlando is a great place to visit whether you are with family or friends. It has to be on your travel list at least once as everyone needs to experience the attractions that I have mentioned in my post.

Comment below if you have visited Orlando before!

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