Back to the Ramapo Valley Reservation

A common theme that I will be trying to post once a week is a quick recap of a hike that I take during the week. As you may of read before, I have gotten into some photography as well in which I will share my best photos from that hike/walk etc. Most of the my photos will be photoshopped using Lightroom in attempt to give them some life and make them more interesting.

This weekend was pretty tough to squeeze in a full hike as it has been a very busy Saturday for me. My family is out of town and I am stuck watching our cute little pitbull named Darla. I also had to sneak in a gym workout and a haircut before an eventful night for me.

With all of that being said, I ended up at my favorite spot, the Ramapo Valley Reservation this morning around 7:30 – 8:00 AM. I was on the edge of not hiking today due to the busy day and how cold it was (35 degrees!), but I am glad I took about an hour of my time to go there. This park was actually closed down for over a week from a coyote attack, so I was anxious to get back while keeping my eyes peeled.

Anyways, the light this morning seemed good and I knew I had to head out to the reservation for some pictures. When it is cold out, the lake usually has a cool affect in the morning where I believe water vapor rises making the lake look like it is steaming. That is the common theme of these photos today, as you will notice in a few seconds.

Thank god for my new NorthFace outdoor shoes as it was a bit muddy for me today. In order to get some of the pictures that I took, I had to get near the muddy land that the lake provides. With all that being said, please view my photos below! As always, my full portfolio is listed under the “Mike’s Photography” tab.

The first picture is easily one of my favorites with how the colors resonate with the picture. I was very proud of that one and will definitely keep it with me for a while.

The third one I found interesting as it almost looks like a cloud (or it may be) literally almost touching the water. If that is considered a cloud, I have never seen one that low.

Let me know what you think! More hikes and photos to come as always!

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