NFL Week 7 Picks

Welcome back to another week of my NFL picks. Week 7, phew… it’s been that fast already? They do say time goes by fast when you are having fun, right? Well, that is exactly what I am doing on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday even though my Giants are 0-4.

Another wild week in the books as usual. As a quick recap on what occurred in week 5, the Jets beat the Cowboys (wow), the Giants competed with the Patriots until late in the 4th quarter, and the refs basically won the Packers the ball game. I won’t complain about that last won as it basically won me my fantasy matchup along with my money line bet on the Packers.

Another exciting week of football coming up as he have the battle for 1st in the NFC East between the Cowboys and Eagles along with a great matchup of the Ravens vs the Seahawks.

How did I do last week? Screeching by 500, I was 7-6 on my picks last week. An improvement of my 6-8 record the previous week. As I write these posts pretty early in the week (and post them Thursday), sometimes the official spread change and that comes back to haunt me.

Regardless, I am still here toughing it out in the gambling trenches. It’s the moment you all have been waiting for. My Week 7 NFL Picks below:

KC (-3.5) vs. DEN 

  • My Pick: KC -3.5

AZ vs. NYG (-3)

  • My Pick: NYG -3

HOU vs. IND (-1)

  • My Pick: HOU +1

JAX vs. CIN (+3)

  • My Pick: JAX -3

LAR (-3) vs. ATL 

  • My Pick: LAR -3

MIA vs. BUF (-16)

  • My Pick: MIA +16

MIN vs. DET (+1)

  • My Pick: MIN -1

OAK (+6.5) vs. GB

  • My Pick: OAK +6.5

SF vs. WAS (+9.5)

  • My Pick: SF -9.5

LAC vs. TEN (-2)

  • My Pick: LAC +2

BAL vs. SEA (-3.5)

  • My Pick: SEA -3.5

NO vs. CHI (-3.5)

  • My Pick: NO +3.5

PHI (+3) vs. DAL

  • My Pick: PHI +3

NE (-10) vs. NYJ 

  • My Pick: NE 10

There you have it! An interesting line of games and honestly most seem predictable if you were just betting the money line Shoutout to FanDuel Sportsbook for providing the spreads for the week!

If you want to sign up on FanDuel, you can do so by clicking here. Make some money and have fun with it. Bet against me or with me!

Let me hear your feedback below! Let’s see some more improvement with my picks!

  • Mike

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