How I Study For Anatomy and Physiology

Hello everyone! Today I want to let you all know how I study for my Anatomy and Physiology class. Of course, this a very information heavy class… There is a lot of patience and studying needed. It is not impossible to pass this course, you just need to put in the time to see the results.



Before we get into the good stuff, I want to give you all a background of my preparation for this class. I take this course twice a week; Lecture is on Tuesday night and Lab is on Thursday night. These classes are about 2 and a half hours long. We cover a lot of information during this time but it doesn’t bother me because both classes are only once a week. I will talk about how I study for both lecture and lab because I use different studying techniques. This might be beneficial for someone who is like me and is a visual learner. As mentioned before, I am a visual learner so colored pens, diagrams, pictures, and highlighters are my best friend.

For this class, I bought a 1.5 inch binder because I want to keep any important papers/information organized. I also made sure that I bought two packs of dividers. I did this because I want to separate my lab work from my lecture work. Organization is key; I organized my classwork by dividing various things such as quizzes, notes, study guides, and homework. 

Anatomy and Physiology Lecture

I study for lecture in a process. Before the lecture, I read the chapter that is going to be reviewed. I do this because I like to have knowledge of what will be talked about in lecture incase I have any questions. My professor also uploads a chapter outline before class to help us with our studying. I use the chapter outline to take my notes during the lectures because it makes it easier for me to follow along and to stay focused.

My professor also uploads learning objectives for each chapter prior to class. Learning objectives are the key topics that will be discussed throughout the chapter. This is beneficial for students because when they study they know what key topics to focus on. I use the learning objectives to form my study guides when preparing for an exam.

Typically, when I study for lecture, I always like to make my study guide colorful. For some reason, having a colorful study guide that is fun to look at makes the information easier to grasp. On an exam, I am able to visualize colorful study material much better compared to if I had “boring” notes. If I have time, I like to make up test questions for each chapter to test my knowledge. I don’t just do this for Anatomy and Physiology, I do this for every class that I take. Being able to test yourself with questions that you have created yourself is a very beneficial way to prepare for an exam. Ever since I started creating test questions for myself to study, I have became much more confident in my test-taking skills. I have never been a very strong test-taker but doing these things really work for me.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

I study for lab a little differently compared to lecture. In my lab manual, I have everything that I need in terms of visuals and notes. Each week, my lab professor assigns us homework and she also gives us weekly quizzes. Normally, I wouldn’t be a fan but this is a very positive thing because it keeps me on track with my studying. Being able to progressively study overtime rather than study the night before a lab practical makes it a lot less stressful.

I study by going through the sections discussed in lab and I look over each page. Usually, I review until I know where most things are located/what they are. When I feel confident enough, I print out the pictures of the parts of the body and I quiz myself. I do this a few different ways.

Three Key Steps to Studying:

  1. Firstly, I review the pictures that I printed out and I label them only from my memorization
  2. Secondly, I write out the terms for the corresponding body part on a piece of paper as I go through each part of the unlabeled pictures
  3. Thirdly, I write the terms out for the corresponding body part on a white board and going through each term and locating it on the picture that I have printed out

Practicing those studying techniques makes my studying a lot more efficient and a lot less stressful. I try to quiz myself as I go through my day as well. I do this by asking myself questions about where things are location. Believe it or not, by doing that, my understanding of Anatomy and Physiology has improved so much.

Being able to have a study plan that works for you is very important. You don’t have to study Anatomy and Physiology to do these techniques; It can work for almost every subject. The key thing with such an information-heavy course is that you NEED to study everyday; Maybe not for 8 hours a day, but at least 1-2 hours. You need to be dedicated to this specific subject in order to succeed.

These strategies work for me, they may not work for you but if you want to try out a new study technique, go ahead and try mine! I’m always eager to switch my study techniques/habits because I get bored very quickly. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Check out my latest posts here! Let me know how I am doing. I would love to hear from you:) Please don’t forget to like and subscribe so you always stay in the loop!

Yours Truly, Kayla 

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