How to occupy yourself on a commute

Commuting, every single one of us has to do it at some point in our lives. Whether that be commuting to work or commuting to the beach, it applies to everyone that leaves the house. Commuting can be dreadful and unpleasant for most when it comes to long drives, delays, and or traffic.

My commute to work during the morning is a bit interesting. Since I work in New York City, I have a 15 minute drive to the train station where I catch the train for the rest of the trip. Although sitting on a train isn’t my favorite, there are ways that in have found myself able to occupy myself during the time passed.

There are many commuter tactics that make the commute a bit more enjoyable, so the different tactics may only apply to certain types of commutes. I will be sharing my top 3 ways in which I pass time on my morning and evening commute to make it a little more bearable.

Keep in mind, my posts are mostly always opinionated and these are my recommendations.

Listen to podcasts/radio

Teaser… I have been strictly a music person on my commutes for a long time until I finally discovered the world of podcasting and sports radio for myself. Since they are kind of similar, let me just refer to this section as “podcasting“. Podcasting has been such a life saver for me on my commutes as I have found a few channels that bring enjoyment to my commute on a daily basis.

My favorite thing about listening to podcasts is that there is nothing repetitive about it. If you find around 3-5 podcasts to follow, you will have enough episodes to listen to during the entire week. Podcasting has been growing on the internet as of late and if you haven’t dove into listening to them yet, I highly suggest it.

There are almost topics for anything that you may be interested in.

Listen to music

As mentioned in my teaser, music is also a big component into my commute. If you have a playlist that is long enough, you most likely won’t be listening to the same songs in the same day. With the way music is and how many different styles/artists you can listen to, there is enough to fit your mood on your commute.

The one downside I will say about listening to music is that I have gone into repetitiveness with the songs I listen to. Especially if you are working long enough, you will find that listening to music can get boring over time which I never thought could happen to me.

In the end, start listening to podcasts. 😉

Read a book

Reading a book can be a tricky one if you strictly drive… obviously. If you have the luxury of sitting on public transit, reading books could be something to look into. I have never been a big reader, but finding a book that fits your interests could go a long way on a commute.

Personally, my favorite thing about reading books on a commute is that I feel like this is the option that makes the commute the shortest. Unlike music and podcasts, you have to have your eyes on the book. I feel like losing your sense of surroundings while reading the book makes a commute feel much quicker.

Reading books can be the most challenging one for the people that don’t like to read, but I highly believe that they “speed” up your commute.

I am very interested to hear what your commutes are like and what you do to pass time. Comment on the post below and share some tips with me as I am always looking to trying new things!

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