Our Next Trip

Hello everyone! Mike and Kayla here. Today we wanted to tell you all about our next trip and what we plan on doing. Mike and I have been planning this for a while but we finally booked our flight and reserved an Airbnb! We are so excited!

In January, we are going to Telluride, Colorado and Denver, Colorado. It is prime snowboarding time so Mike will have a blast on the slopes. I don’t know how to ski or snowboard so I can spectate instead. Mike went there last year but I have never been. We are so excited to see the mountains and the snow. Ever since our Utah trip, we have been itching to go back out there.

For the trip “itinerary”, we will be flying into Denver early in the morning. From there, we will be driving 6 straight hours through the Rockies to our little Airbnb in the heart of Telluride. In Telluride, as Kayla mentioned, I will be spending a day on the slopes that surround the town of Telluride. Along with that, we are planning on going snowmobiling and exploring the area around Telluride.

I have seen nothing but good things about the town, so even though it is a small ski town, I am sure that Kayla and I will have a blast here. The remainder of the trip will be spent in Telluride and we will be staying in Denver for the final night before we have to fly out back to smelly old New Jersey.

Telluride has always been a dream of ours as I have seen Americans call this town the Swiss Alps of Colorado which is saying something considering all of the beautiful views that Colorado has to offer.

The two most exciting things about the trip for the both of us is the long road trip though the windy mountains and the scenery that the mountains provide around Telluride. I will make sure to bring my camera along to share the pictures of the trip as they will be something great to see!

If you have any suggestions for our trip to Telluride whether it be in the town or on the way, please let us know. We are always open to new things and we definitely want to experience Colorado to the fullest.

Happy Traveling!

  • Mike and Kayla

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