Our Next Trip: Telluride 2020

This is a very exciting blog post that I am writing here today! Although the booking is still in the works (except for the AirBnB), Kayla and I will be heading out to Telluride, Colorado!

In early January of the new year, 2020, one of my bucket list trips will be happening. As my first trip to the Rockies happened last year, I was hooked and now have to blow my money on a trip out here every year. We will have more of a trip itinerary shared as the trip gets closer, but some of the details are already crazy!

Flying out of Newark Airport, Kayla and I will be making our trip out to the amazing Denver, Colorado. I would love to fly directly to Telluride, but the flight prices are insanely expensive! The trip will be Saturday to Wednesday with us staying in Telluride from Saturday to Tuesday.

The insane part about the trip starts off with us taking off at 6 AM EST and once we land, we are driving six and a half hours to our little apartment located in the heart of Telluride. Kayla and I both hate long car rides, but one thing that will help are the incredible views that the Rockies have to offer.

The trip will definitely be an interesting one as I previously experience altitude sickness my last time in Colorado and this will be Kayla’s first time staying multiple days in high altitude. The town of Telluride just happens to be a base elevation of around 9,000 feet. Sounds like an interesting time. Hopefully no vomiting and gasping for air. I’m sure someone who lives in Colorado is chuckling at how dramatic I am right now, deal with it.

Along with this trip, half of one of the days; Kayla will be spending her time in the house while I snowboard the mountain of Telluride.

Yes, that is only happening because she doesn’t do snow sports or really likes the snow. I am so excited to snowboard on this mountain. I have seen nothing, but good reviews and I need to get this experience out of my system. Even if I skied the slope once, I would be satisfied.

Finally, another absolute must on my bucket list might be checked off. Kayla and I are planning on going snowmobiling around the mountains of Telluride. For whatever reason, snowmobiling has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I think it was because I used to play a video game that had snowmobiles. Anyways, I will dump my money on this as well.

There you have it folks, keep an eye out in the upcoming months as our trip to the amazing Telluride, Colorado is quickly approaching right after New Years.

Contact us if you have ever been to Telluride with any suggestions!

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