Chilly Sundays in New Jersey

Hello readers! Hope you all have been having an amazing weekend so far. If you are from the northeast, you may be experiencing the cold front that has rolled in these past few days. Although the temperature is in the 50-60’s these past few days, I absolutely love it.

Of course this weather mean the warm summer days are packing their bags, but that doesn’t matter to me! I am comfortably in my sweats right now with the window open enjoying the true fall weather that New Jersey has to offer.

What does my Sunday look like so far in this weather? See below for my kind of interesting Sunday in October.

This was an amazing time. If you haven’t read my story yet, I am a survivor ambassador for the organization and this was my first ever heart walk! Kayla was lucky enough to join me and we enjoyed taking a 3 mile walk with other survivors for a great cause.

Plus, we were in our cozy clothes as it was chilly this morning!

  • Watch NFL football all day

Were you expecting anything different from me? I am in my sweatpants and sweatshirt while having a spot on my couch for the entire day. I unfortunately had to pass on some Giants tickets for today, but I guess I can’t complain with how comfy my couch feels right now.

Mother Nature… this is my callout to you. Please keep the weather here on the east coast to breezy 50-60 degree days for as long as you can. Dump the snow on the mountains I will be visiting for the upcoming season (stay tuned). For everyone trying to enjoy their Sunday, I hope you have beautiful fall weather as well.

Get cozy and don’t leave the couch all day! That is what Sunday’s are meant for! 😉

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