My First Hike with Photography

Ramapo Valley Reservation

As I have begun on a search to find new hobbies to partake in, I have stumbled across photography. Yesterday, Friday October 3rd was the first day I was able to try to put my skills into action. Now you see, I have been the biggest “iPhone photographer” for the longest time. From when Instagram and Facebook began to now, I have always been obsessed with scenic pictures as I used to post them a BUNCH.

It was time for an upgrade and a leap of faith. I have officially put down the iPhone and picked up a real camera. Trying to find the quickest way to have a “professional camera” in my hands, I stumbled on the Canon Rebel T6. It was a hefty price on Amazon, but it was a package deal where a lot of different parts came with it.

If you are interested in viewing what I purchased, head to the bottom of this post and I will link the exact package I purchased on Amazon. Anyways, all I have to say is having a Canon in hand compared to an iPhone is like night and day. I feel like I have a purpose when taking these pictures now as there is more effort when taking one compared to an iPhone.

Where did I head to? If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I am a big hiker at the Ramapo Valley Reservation in Mahwah, New Jersey. This is my main spot as it is down the road from my house. With the camera now, I am going to begin exploring different trails and places to get more shots.

Anyways, the amazing work from home Friday that I have from my job made some of these amazing pictures possible. Bright and early, I went out around 7 AM to begin my journey.

If you would like to view my pictures moving forward, head to the “Mike’s Photography” tab where you can view my portfolio. For first time purposes, I will post all of my photos from my first time trip below:

Don’t ask me how I got this one. One of the best I have ever taken!

These are just the few of the many that I took, so make sure to see the full list under the tab, “Mike’s Photography”.

Thoughts and comments? I am no where near a professional, but I would love to some day. Please leave all of the feedback that you have for me as I love feedback. Eventually, I would love to get into photoshop to edit the images and really take the pictures to another level.

So far, my images will be #NoFilter.

Happy Fall everyone. Fall is the best time of the year to snap some amazing pictures. Get out of the house and go enjoy nature!

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