Our Review After 1,000 Views

Hello everyone! We are so sorry for the delay of posts this week on the “Our Collection” tab of our site. As you may know already, Our Collection is a section of the blog where Kayla and I write posts together rather than our own separate tabs. We hope everyone has been doing well.

Today, we wanted to share with all of you that our site has officially reached over a thousand views since we have started in August. How amazing! This blog is something that we both share and has been very important for the both of us for these past few months.

Kayla’s Thoughts

Being able to share such amazing stories, tips, experiences with you all is such a blessing as I am forever grateful for this opportunity to do so. A quick update on our end as Mike and I are planning on an adventure in 2020 out to Colorado in which we will obviously document our exploration of the beautiful state and will share it with you all!

Stay tuned as we plan on releasing some more exact details on the trip as we get closer to it. January 2020 here we come! Comment on the post below if you want to guess the exact details of where we will be heading in Colorado!

Being able to reach 1,000 views in just over a month of starting this blog has made this experience incredibly worth it. It truly is a blessing to connect with you guys from our personal blog to our followers to the wordpress community that we are active in on a daily basis. Thank you all for being a part of this journey with us. We look forward to growing this blog and sharing every step of the way with you all!

Mike’s Thoughts

Hello readers! If you have stayed in tune with my section of the blog, you may have noticed how active I have been and the differences between all of my posts. 1,000 views is an amazing milestone after really not knowing much on how to run a blog or a website.

As Kayla mentioned above, this wouldn’t be possible without our fellow readers being active and viewing our posts on a daily basis. This blog is one of the few passions I have picked up after my work and hopefully one day it can be a full time passion for me.

As comes for the next 1,000 views and beyond, I would like to improve the site and how it looks. I am a perfectionist, so I am never satisfied with anything. Personally, I have also gotten into photography, so as I begin to upload the photos to the site, you can check out the tab “Photos/Videos”. And yes, I actually bought a real camera and blew some money on it like a crazy person. I am going to try not just be a iPhone photographer!

Please let us know your thoughts on the blog so far. I love positive and negative reviews. What would you like to see moving forward? Want to collaborate? Comment below or email coupleschecklist@gmail.com

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