A “Cheat Code” For Students


No matter what level of school that you, your friend or your kid may be in, there are always going to be those exhausting assignments that are given in each class. From Elementary school to a graduate level degree, I have experienced it all… unfortunately.

Today, I am here to share a new student “life saver” that I wish I had when I was back in school. That life saver is called EssayEdge

What is EssayEdge?

EssayEdge, powered by Student Media, is one of the top essay editing services available. Customers can submit their essays to one of our esteemed editors, and tailor the service to fit their unique needs. From a light proofreading to check for typos and grammatical errors to a full brainstorming session and critique, our editors can provide students with the support they need to craft an amazing admissions or academic essay.

Purchasing a package and having your paper reviewed by a professional is pretty easy on the site. The process takes about 3 simple steps as you can see below:

Step 1: Upload your essay

Step 2: Choose a serivce

Step 3: Submit your payment

*No picture needed for this step*

For a standard 1801-2400 word essay, the cost will be above $300. Although this price could look a bit scary to a college student crippling in debt, having a professional proofread your essay along with making significant edits is well worth it. This price is solely based on having one essay reviewed and not purchasing one of the plans. I will jump into the plan below.

Don’t worry though. If you have been reading my previous posts with different partners, I am glad to share a discount code for you to save some money if you decide to move forward with EssayEdge.

BOOM! $20 off of your order just like that. But anyways, back to the site. If the price is steep for you, I would suggest going with EssayEdge around midterms/finals time when you have that big paper that takes a chunk out of your grade.

There are other sites that you can have professionals read over your essays like Chegg Tutors which is great, but they typically charge you by the amount of time the tutor takes to review and the price can be hefty especially when it is a long paper.

As mentioned above, there are payment plans of different tiers that you can use in order to have more access to the features that EssayEdge offers. Instead of me repeating what is offered in the plan, please see the picture below:

In my honest review, I really do feel that EssayEdge can be a game changer for a lot of students who struggle to put together a good paper. Sometimes, I have struggled a lot when writing essays for school and found myself to be repetitive in a lot of different ways.

If you are a current student, I would suggest you take a look into the plans with EssayEdge so you can improve your writing as well as receive better grades to make the parents happy.

If you have any questions about this tool, please let me know as I am happy to help! 🙂

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