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West Valley City, Utah

Happy Sunday readers! With the fall colors beginning to kick into full swing, it is time to pack your bags and explore the beautiful gift that mother nature gives us every year. With that being said, it’s time for another hotel review!

Today, I will be giving you a quick analysis on Home2 Suites in West Valley City, Utah. Although I am talking about one specific Home2 Suites location here today, this review could be used for the entire chain itself. We haven’t had much writing about chain hotels so far, but here is one of the first ones!

While Kayla and I were looking for a perfect and affordable spot to sleep at during our trip to Salt Lake City, we eventually came across the Home2 Suites in West Valley City which is located only 10 minutes out of the city itself. A nice place to stay along with affordable prices was the top priorities on our list when choosing a hotel to stay at.

With that being said, Home2 Suites definitely checked off both of those requirements in my opinion.

The Room

The hotel itself definitely lived up to its name. Home2 which represents the home feeling that it presents and suites which brings a suite aspect to it. The rooms definitely have an interesting layout to it, but don’t worry, it is in a good way. Within the room, you can find one compiled room with all of the suite features in it. The room features a kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, and other cookie amenities.

Along with that, there is a living room feel next to the bed where you get a couch with a small living room feeling area along with the tv. Right next to it is the bed of course. Everything within the room makes you feel like you are in a spacious suite although it is pretty packed in there. I would definitely recommend this hotel if you are on a smaller budget and staying overnight for more than a few days.

The view from the hotel is just incredible. Although Salt Lake City is surrounded everywhere by the Wasatch Mountain Range, there is definitely a nice and open view of the mountains from your room.


Home2 Suites definitely has a lot of great amenities within the hotel which makes this place so unique and top notch. Featured within this hotel was a nice swimming area and heated tub, a workout area, and a beautiful outdoor/indoor lounge for the guests to enjoy. Oh, did I also say complimentary breakfast? Complimentary breakfast has to be the steal of the century if your hotel provides that. There is nothing better than waking up every morning to a nice breakfast with multiple options.

This hotel also provides free parking with a spacious parking lot that has plenty of room for its visitors. Another one of my favorites with the hotel was that it was in such a nice and peaceful area. Located right in a business complex it seemed, it was clean and quiet for the entire stay that we experienced.

Home2 Suites is definitely a hotel that Kayla and I will keep in mind moving forward when looking to book overnight trips and you should to. If you happen to head to Salt Lake City, I would highly suggest booking this hotel. With the close proximity to the mountains and the city, the location is just perfect and the hotel is even better.

Let me know your suggestions if you have visited Utah in the past! Happy travels!

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