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This is always an internal debate that I have with myself on which platform do I enjoy more to satisfy all of my social media needs. Although both Instagram and Twitter definitely have some different features for their audiences, there still is a debate on which platform is more enjoyable.

Facebook is in its own league and this article is completely opinionated from my point of view. Facebook doesn’t do it for me anymore. It might if you are someone like my mother where Facebook is really the main method of social for the middle generation, but I am not in love with Facebook anymore.

Instagram seems to be a social media platform that is still booming, but it is most popular with people younger than me. I am 23 and I feel that I just missed the cutoff to where the platform really boomed. I know kids younger than me that don’t utilize Twitter because it is all about Instagram. Obviously, my favorite part of Instagram is being able to see a story through a photo. Unlike other social platforms, Instagram is only pictures and videos which really can bring a creative aspect out of someone.

Instagram has the most upside when it comes to creating a personal brand or reaching an audience for yourself or company. Most new companies do run advertisements on Instagram because of the user base the platform has. Although Instagram is one of the dominant platforms, it can also be the most toxic. Instagram has a community that strives off of the likes on each post. I have found myself only posting pictures that I know will get me the most likes. It shouldn’t be like that.

Instagram is an elite platform and I don’t think the popularity will be going away anytime soon.

Twitter is in more of an interesting situation. Unlike Instagram, most brands don’t look to advertise on Twitter because it doesn’t build as much brand awareness that Instagram does.

Personally, Twitter is still my most favorite platform to use. Twitter is wear I get my news, comedy, and daily life from the people that I follow. Although pictures are great, I do feel that a written form of a post interests me more than looking at a picture. The amount of comedic geniuses that are on the platform is incredible. There is not one day that I go without seeing a funny tweet that makes my day.

In terms of news, I rarely go to news sites anymore because all of the information is right there on Twitter for me to see. Although Twitter may be behind Instagram in terms of popularity, it will never go away from me unless it pulls a Myspace. Most posts on Twitter feel more organic on Twitter compared to the thought out pictures that are posted on Instagram. Organic in the long run wins for me and I feel like that could be said about most people.

Thanks all for reading! I just wanted to get my thoughts out about the two biggest platforms in social media. Snapchat will get there in my mind one day, but they have some catching up to do for what Instagram and Twitter can provide for its users!

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