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This is a topic that will never go away unless we are all given millions of dollars. Everyone wants to make money at some point in their life because it is essential when trying to create a living for yourself.

Whether you are a young teenager, a middle aged man. or elderly, there is one method that always works and is fairly quick when it comes to trying to make a few bucks. That secret “money making machine” is call Ebay That’s right folks. Don’t go out selling drugs or picking up someone’s dog poop. The ecommerce giant has some of the easiest tools on the market to list and sell your items on the internet.

As someone who finds difficulty to trying to navigate and create things on the internet, selling my items on ebay has been one of the easiest things that I have done. Of course, trying to start something new may be overwhelming as it usually is to everyone. But, if you are looking for a quick buck, you are missing out if you don’t use ebay.

What can I sell on ebay?

Literally anything you want. The cool thing about ebay is that you can either set your products at a fixed price or allow them to be auctioned off to the user base. Although Amazon has some similarities when it comes to selling items, I have found their interface a bit more challenging than ebay which is why I stay away from it.

There are two strategies that I like to do when it comes to selling on ebay. Selling items that I don’t need or buying/flipping products on ebay.

Selling old items laying around the house is probably the easiest strategy that you can use to make some money on the internet. Within every household, there are things that are sellable and ebay has a market for them. I typically sell all of my old video games when I don’t need them and I usually get rid or them fairly quick.

Whether you are making $5 or $100, the thrill of selling a personal item on ebays is honestly a thrill you can’t really experience elsewhere. There are so many items within a household that are useless that just lay around and collect dust. Sell it! Making extra money outside of your normal workplace is real fun and if you really get into my next step, you could always make some really good money out of it.

Buying and flipping goods on ebay is the second most easiest way to make some extra money on ebay. There are countless of ways to find underpriced products that you can easily sell on the internet. Go to a garage sale. Browse ebay. Go to a thrift store. There are endless amounts of opportunities to find something that is really cheap and discover that the exact item is selling for more on ebay.

If you get really good at this, this could turn into a small side business or even turn into a full time hustle if you really are dedicated to it. I mean this with my heart. I used to buy underpriced watches on ebay and resell them at slightly higher prices. Even if my profit margins weren’t as high as I’d like, I was still making money and was learning the art of selling online. Other than making money, you can definitely learn some new skills when selling on ebay.

Ebay, ebay, ebay. Please take my words of advice here. Don’t go off selling stupid things. Just flip products or sell valuables on ebay. If anyone reading this would like, I could definitely show you how to get started on ebay as I have made over $10K extra money for at least 8+ years now. DM me on Instagram and I will be more than happy to help!

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