Lake George, New York

Next up on our location reviews section is a personal favorite of mine, Lake George in upstate New York. Lake George is situated more in the midway point of the state if you are traveling from New Jersey to Canada. Located right outside the Adirondack mountain range, Lake George is a gem of a spot.

Lake George is a personal favorite of mine because of its location and it has a vibrant lake town that surrounds the massive lake. There are so many fun activities that you can take part in when visiting Lake George. Activities such as hiking, boating, camping, mini golf, and more. The options are really endless here.

This town offers a variety of activities that groups of all ages can partake in. There is plenty of nightlife for the typical college kid and an abundance of family fun activities for a nice vacation. One thing to note is to make sure to head to this fun lake town in the summer and not the winter. Obviously that makes sense, but when I say this place is a ghost town in the winter, it’s a ghost town.

My favorite aspects of Lake George are the scenery (go figure) that surrounds it and how it is a great family vacation. As you know, I love some good views when it comes to nature. With the Adirondack mountains surrounding the lake, you can go almost anywhere to see some nice views. Family time is always fun time. Although I have been up there mainly for my sister’s softball tournaments, my family and I had a blast for the limited days we have stayed there.

If you are interested in visiting Lake George one day, here are some suggestions that I have for you to add to the agenda:

  1. Chic’s Marina
  2. Prospect Mountain Hike
  3. Lake George Shoreline Cruise

To quickly explain, Chic’s Marina offers amazing rates on jet ski rentals along with boat rentals.m Enough said. Prospect mountain is a hike that brings you to the highest point surrounding Lake George which can give you incredible views. And for the shoreline cruise, look at the picture below and that explains how amazing it looks.

Lake George gets a 10 out of 10 from me on any ratings scale there is. I am more of a beach person, but I would easily want a Lake George house more than a beach house.

If you have ever visited this amazing place, let me know your thoughts!

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