We went apple picking… Kind of

Angry Orchard – Walden, NY

Hello everyone! Mike and Kayla here to share our day with you guys. Initially, Mike and I had planned on going apple and pumpkin picking but we decided to change some things around. Mike and I decided to go to Angry Orchard in New York. This was only an hour away from Mike’s house so we decided to go! The drive wasn’t bad at all honestly. When we got there, we were able to park with no issues at all (and it was free).

Although our original plan of heading to a true apple picking spot changed, we did think Angry Orchard was going to be a spot that allowed us to still pick apples. We were wrong on that! Although we were able to walk through the “forrest” of apple trees, there were signs mentioning not to pick them.

That wasn’t a problem though as the environment at Angry Orchards was definitely a great one and we will most certainly be back. More of a college type of environment, it was definitely we enjoyed in our few hours of exploring here.

Other than the paths between the apple trees, the environment was alive and fun. There were spots with different food truck vendors which seemed to have a lot of yummy foods. The main steal of the show were the different apple flavored alcohol selections that they offered.

One of my favorite selections was the apple cider flavored beer as I (mike) am an enthusiast for the angry orchard brew.

Another cool aspect to Angry Orchard is that if you plan on drinking. you receive a wristband and a free token to try 3 samples of some of their brews. All three were pretty good and it was amazing that we got a good portion for each for free.

Other fun activities in the area were games of corn hole and tables around fire-pits. The views were amazing as well from the seating areas. With the open lawn, you are able to get a full view of the orchards at the farm with a nice backdrop of the Catskill Mountains.

We are definitely going to head back here for some fall activities and if you are in the New York area, make sure to take a trip to Angry Orchards as you won’t be disappointed! This may be posted later on in the week, but this is a nice fun weekend activity that you and your close ones can enjoy especially on a cool fall day.

  • Mike and Kayla

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