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Hello readers! As we have done so on a weekly basis, I wanted to share with you a new product on the market that I absolutely love. Usually, I won’t share a product unless I don’t have a deal for you, but this brand was something I couldn’t stay away from!

That’s right, the newest brand I would like to share with you today is called Hip. What is Hip you may ask? It definitely resonates to it’s own name.

Hip offers products that are new and innovative to the market. Hip offers a variety of bottles, cups, straws and more in a unique way. Without using any plastics to help save the environment, each product presents a unique feel and texture. All of the products on Hip are easy to clean and highly durable thanks to the tremendous materials that are used to create the products.

As you can see above, this is one of their coffee cups that is offered in a variety of colors only for $10! One crazy fact about this coffee cup right above is that one single use Hip coffee cup eliminates about 7 single use coffee cups from the environment. You can buy this cup below:

Hip, raising your on-the-go coffee to a style experience

With every item that Hip sells, they will be removing disposable water bottles, coffee cups, and plastic grocery bags from the water thanks to their trusted partners.

I had to save my favorite product here for last. Personally, I have never seen a straw that could be easily opened to clean and reuse. Well, look no further Mike. Hip actually has a straw that does just that! The picture below shows the squeaky clean straw in action!

The only straw that opens for easy cleaning.

That covers everything that I wanted to share about Hip today! Click on any of links or banners provided in the article to check it out yourself. If you have any specific questions on the product or thoughts, please feel free to email me at

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