Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last

The importance of living your life to the fullest

“Live every day like it’s your last”; Yes that is the typical phrase that everyone throws around to serve as motivation. This important phrase can be used in so many different ways such as play every game like it’s your last in sports. I’m here to tell you one thing from this phrase, it’s true.

If there is anyone that has had to live up to the words of this phrase, it’s me. If you were able to read one of my first posts, I have lived the past couple years with some heart issues. With the uncertainty of if the worst could of ever came, living everyday like it was my last really came into play here.

Why is this important?

First off, when you wake up in the morning, you have to realized we are blessed to see another day on this incredible planet that we call earth. Waking up at whatever time it is a blessing itself. In order to live a full and happy life, you must live every day like its your last.

Go ask the girl out that you were afraid to do. Go quit your job to run a garbage truck business that you really love. Jump out of a plane (please with a parachute). It’s so important to not live life with fears in the back of your head. The reason I brought up my story above is because I lived with a fear of death every day for a good 5-6 months. Nothing is worse than living with the fears in the back of your mind.

You never know when your last breath on earth is going to be. I’ll tell you what, most people who lose their life don’t know when it is. It happens. But you can’t think or worry about the negatives. Embrace every single positive that surrounds you and excel off of it.

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one” – Wayne Dyer

You need to wake up with a purpose every single day. What will make you happy? What can I improve on today? Don’t look at the future. Look at the present day you are facing and take it from there. As the quote mentions above, the future is promised to no one. Believe it.

Negatives come around every single day. Every one fights adversity at least once in their lives. It matters what you do in the present time to fight it and overcome that adversity. This is all what living life is about. Without adversity, how do you grow as a person?

If you can’t find the value in life, you are not doing yourself a favor. Whether you are homeless or making a billion dollars, you are here and the chances of being a human are hard. Don’t leave one single regret on the table. Live life to the fullest.

Live every day like it’s your last day. Do it now and leave no regrets when your last seconds do come. I know I follow this simple phrase. You can to.

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