Chart House

Weehawken, New Jersey

For today’s restaurant review, I will be reviewing the Chart House restaurant located in Weehawken, NJ. The Chart House is easily one of my favorite places to eat on the east coast. A place that many people in the north Jersey area always visit, you definitely need to make some reservations when planning to head out for dinner here. 

The steal of the show for the Chart House is the amazing view of the New York City skyline right in front of you. This restaurant is located right on the Hudson River, so you get a full clear view of the city that never sleeps. The Chart House features long ceiling to floor windows that allow you to soak in this spectacular view of the city. 

To be quite honest, this is probably the biggest reason why the prices may be a bit high on the menu. Spoiled it right there, but be prepared to spend some money when heading out to the Chart House no matter what you are ordering. It shouldn’t make you go broke if you are smart with what you order, but these aren’t no diner prices. 

The Chart House is a great spot for a date night with your loved one or a family get together. It is hard to find a world class restaurant like the Chart House that also offers amazing views while being on the water. 

In terms of food, the selection of food is amazing. Like I said before, keep any eye out for those prices, but whatever you order should be a great meal. I typically go for the shrimp tempura and rice entree which is some of the best I have had in that category. 

I am pretty picky with the food that I order,  but I have never really heard a bad review of the food from the people I have eaten with there.  There is a wide selection of appetizers, entrees, and deserts. 

By the way, I would highly recommend the lava cake as a dessert. They cook it fresh as they warn you it takes some time to prepare. It is well worth it ;). 

Dress code can vary to be honest. Most normal people who head there have a nice attire when eating there. It has more of a dress clothes, business casual vibe. As the rebel I am, I have walked in there with sweats and shorts before. It didn’t seem like there was a problem with that dress attire at all other than standing out from the rest. 

The only concern you should have with the Chart House if price isn’t a problem is the availability of seating. Especially on a weekend night, you need to make sure that you book reservations before hand. It’s very hard to get a table when walking in with no reservations. 

The one thing you should consider the Chart House for is the amazing views. I firmly believe that is one of the main attention grabbers that the Chart House uses to attract customers. 

I’d highly recommend trying out the Chart House at least once in your life if you are in the area. You won’t be disappointed. 

Let me know in the comments your favorite restaurant either on the water or with amazing views. 

– Mike

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